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All of our ranges are COLD RANGES.***All Serpa type retention holsters are banned from our range. All shooters, CCP holders and LEOs must bag/box their weapon prior to entering or leaving any range in the club. Pistol Permits or LEO Creds must be presented in order to shoot.

Indoor Range:

Sign-in times / days will be posted on calendar prior the beginning of       each season
   *Ten(10) lanes lighted/heated /ventilatedBathroom facilities,
      AED & Trauma Kit, Phones
   *Factory Lead Free, CleanFire Ammo mandatory, no reloads
   *Sodas, Water, snacks available
   *Match Fees: $ 6.00 members / $ 10.00 non-member

Outdoor Range:
   *Sign-in starts at 8:30 am available coffee and pastries   
   *Safety briefing for all shooters at 9:00 amHammer down at 9:30 am
   *Safe tables located at each stage
   *Minimum stage count will always be ‚Č• 6
   *Lunch available from Canteen Cabin staff served after match
   *Classifiers, 3gun, shotgun, BUG side matches will be announced prior       to match
   *Match Fees: $ 10.00 members / $ 15.00 non-member / Side match       fees will be announced

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Due to the inherent potential danger of our sport our (SO) Safety Officers are the most valuable assets for our safety discipline.  We only used Safety certified Officers. Our mentoring program allows shooters who have demonstrated dedication to our sport and to our club to qualify as candidates for the SO certification course. Individuals who feel that their personal make up will allow them to take on the responsibilities of an SO should identify themselves to the CSO ( Chief Safety Officer ) for consideration. Upon approval they will begin the mentoring process by taking on the role of Scorekeeper. Once the CSO has determined that the SO Candidate has demonstrated Conscious Competency in the position of Scorekeeper they will qualify to take the SO certification course. 

Our current SO Staff : Dave Brelia, Co-CSO, Jeff Opal, SO,
                                 Jarred St.Phillips, SO Candidate

If you would like more information you can read about the roles and responsibilities on the following links:


Safety Officer Respsibilities
Scorekeeper Responsibilities

Traveler's Registration Documents
Click the link below to download the 3 documents needed if shooters are traveling from another state to shoot our match. These documents can be used for travel state to state and for Canadians shooters.

MATCH Registration Documents for Travelers from other states
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